1. Dance through the crowd at the Pyramid Stage

The iconic Pyramid stage is world renowned and there’s nothing quite like singing your favourite songs alongside a sea of people. Make sure to catch one of the mainstage acts and soak up the atmosphere. It’s not a true Glastonbury experience without trying to describe the flag you’re standing under to your mate over text.


  1. Soak up the night life 

Whether it’s marvelling at the theatrics of Arcadia or dancing the night away in the Temple, nowhere does night life quite like Glastonbury Festival. With plenty to choose from, the party doesn’t stop when the headliners take their leave- why not head down to South East Corner for a night of tomfoolery in the Unfairground? Or perhaps you’re heading to The Levels to immerse yourself in dance music under the impressive lightshow? Wherever your feet take you, you’re bound to have a night you’ll never forget.


  1. Come back down to earth in the Healing fields 

Many will say that Glastonbury is more than just a music festival, and nowhere does that feel more true than in the healing fields. Let your spirituality guide you as you ground yourself after a long night partying, with massage, reiki and meditation. Morning yoga and mindfulness will help quiet your mind and give you a calming break from the crowds. Pop next door to the green fields to learn about environmentalism, activism and to get inspired (and for some really great vegan food!).


  1. Catch the opening Ceremony at the Stone Circle 

The opening ceremony is a Glastonbury rite of passage. Kick off the festival on Wednesday night by waiting for the sun to set before watching as the bonfire is lit in a cathartic ritual and prepare to let go of the outside world. As the last light fades, welcome in the weekend with fireworks and get ready for the time of your life. 


  1. Watch the sunset from the Glastonbury sign 

A personal favourite of ours, there’s nothing quite like watching the dust settle over the festival as the orange haze fades to twinkling lights. From above, Glastonbury looks like a whole city coming to life at night and the distant rumble of bass calls to you. Try to spot all of the places you’ve been that day and grab a selfie with the famous sign before floating back down the hill and into the effervescence of The Park.